Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome to Buns Blog!

Hello boys and girls!

I will be very happy if you write to me after I visit you at your school. Tell me about the visit, what you liked the best, what you learnt, how it felt when you pet me at the end of the program. I will be posting messages too so you know where I have been and learn geography too through my travels!


María M. P. said...

Hi Buns

this is María from Badajoz, Spain. I hope you visit me and my city soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bun's
You are soft and cudly it is amazing how you go around the world thanks for visiting me herein Texas
Love Cynthia


Anonymous said...

Dear Buns
You are so cute!Thanks for visiting my school
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Buns,
i remember when you came to my shool and 'autographed' one of my drawings. I was so exited, and couldn't wait to show my parents. you are the best bunny ever, no matter what anyone says. Im so happy I got to see you and hope to see you again. Your the best.

your friend Susan:]

Anonymous said...

Hi buns

this is lindsey from hazle green alabama i really liked your visit it was awsome exspecially at the end were we got to pet you

well iv'e got to go but i'll be back on this web soon i'll talk to you asap by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting Alexander Elementary. Buns was informative and entertaining. The students really enjoyed his program and his autographing style of nibbling the page! Mr. David Love was great! We hope Buns will return for a visit in the future. We look forward to his next book...Euro Buns. Please hurry and finish it so we can read it.
Mrs. Lujan and the students at Alexander Elementary

Anonymous said...

I made a "Tangram Buns". You can try it at this PBS Kids site -
Hope you enjoy it.
E. - a student at Alexander Elementary

Anonymous said...

hey u rock but u werea litlle scary

w.- a student at alexander

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK BUNS!! Thanks for coming to my school! It was a pleasure meeting you and petting you!!
Your friend,
P.S. Thanks for visiting Doyle Elementry!!
P.P.S. Buns can I have your email?please?
P.P.P.S. You're the best bunny Buns!!
P.P.P.P.S. Me and my sis like your autograph on her book Buns Travels Across America

Anonymous said...

Hey Buns i met you in like 1999.. you were a cute rabbit and did awesome tricks. because of you i got my own bunny but i had to give him away. but anyways hope your doing good...if your still alive..

Anonymous said...

Hey cottonpaw, your an amazing creature I was really glad to have meet you. You are really really soft and your front paw is really white.Thanks for coming to my school Las Yescas Elementary.

Quanah Locust

DGA said...

Thanks for visiting our school yesterday. We really enjoyed meeting you and David. We hope if you're in the neighborhood you'll hop by for another visit sometime.

Anonymous said...

hi buns!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your book! the videos are funny. i saw you today at my school.

Parker said...

My name is Parker and you came to West Madison Elementary School in Kindergarten. You were GREAT and so CUTE!!!! I hope I got to pet you before you left. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Buns,


Jayden said...

Hello Bun's
Im Jayden Thomas and your coming to oour school and i cant wait for you to come.Your suppose to come on friday november 1st i cant wait! And may you give a shout out to me when you come to Otis Brown.

Pedro Gutierrez said...

Hey cottonpaw! Ohh you visited my school 8 years ago, when I was in 3rd grade. I ran to your book this morning and I read it over and I thought that you were the coolest rabbit out there! Can't believe it was that long ago.. time flies by so quickly! I hope to see you again! Keep traveling buns, keep traveling.